Craig Martelle is a Dragon Award finalist for the best military science fiction novel. He also has quite a few books that hit number one in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia. He writes mainly science fiction with themes of duty, honor, and justice. He has a number of best selling novels in categories that matter to him – space opera, military scifi, Space Marine, colonization, and genetic engineering. As a serial daydreamer, it’s nice to finally get the stories on paper (virtual and digital paper, that is).

Visit his web page, for the latest posts and updates or find me on Facebook, Author Craig Martelle.





Michael C. Bailey is a former reporter, blogger, and editor who left the news industry to focus on his creative writing. He is the author of the Action Figures young adult superhero series, the humorous fantasy series The Adventures of Strongarm & Lightfoot, and the urban fantasy trilogy Well-Behaved Women. Michael is also the fight director for the Connecticut Renaissance Faire, and has written scripts for Underdog Comics, a Boston-based comic book company that focuses on content for diverse audiences. Find him online at





Adam Breckenridge has published a dozen short stories in a range of speculative journals and anthologies in addition to a healthy smattering of essays, reviews and academic scholarship. After making his home in Rhode Island for the past few years he has recently moved on to more global travels, taking a job with the University of Maryland University College as one of their Collegiate Traveling Faculty members, going around the world teaching American soldiers stationed overseas. He is currently based in Tokyo.






D. A. D’Amico is an enigma wrapped in confusion and stuffed head-first into a fish-flavored paper bag. His writing style is Jackson Pollock meets Scanners, a surreal exploding-head mess of genres and styles where almost anything is likely. He’s had more than sixty works published in the last few years in venues such as Daily Science Fiction, Crossed Genres, and Shock Totem… among others. He’s a winner of L. Ron Hubbard’s prestigious Writers of the Future award, volume XXVII, as well as the 2017 Write Well award. Collections of his work can be found on Amazon. His website is: Facebook: authordadamico, and on painfully rare occasions twitter: @dadamico.




Peter N. Dudar has been writing and publishing fiction for nearly two decades. An alumnus of the University at Albany, Peter now resides in Lisbon Falls, Maine, where he continues to pursue his writing career. His latest book, THE GOAT PARADE, is available on Kindle and trade paperback. You can find him at or visit him on Facebook and Twitter.







By day Scott Goudsward is a slave to the cubicle world, by night to the voices in his head. He writes primarily horror but has branched out to sci-fi and fantasy. Scott is one of the coordinators of the New England Horror Writers. His short fiction has most recently appeared in Return of the Old Ones, Atomic Age Cthulhu, and Arkham Detective Agency. His latest novel Fountain of the Dead is out from Post Mortem Press as is the new co-edited non-fiction book Horror Guide to Northern New England. Anthology projects include the new book Wicked Haunted from the New England Horror Writers and the award winning Twice Upon An Apocalypse released 2017 from Crystal Lake Publishing. Scott is currently working on a YA novel and looking at homes for new anthology possibilities.



Emma Lowry attends Worcester Polytechnic Institute as a student of Interactive Media and Game Development. She grew up in Framingham, Massachusetts, spending her free time writing, drawing, and looking for a way to incorporate both into a career. Old Worlders is her first published written work. She can be found on Twitter @lowryyrwol 







Rachel Menard earned her degree in marketing from ASU, during which time her work was featured in the university paper and her own, self-published punk zine, Chelsea. She was also a college radio DJ. She currently works for a seasonal design company, creating whimsical copy for Christmas ornaments, and she hosts the Rhode Island Meet & Greets for the NESCBWI. In her free time, Rachel writes strange and fantastical stories for teens. For more of her writings and ramblings, visit






Born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts, Errick Nunnally served one tour in the Marine Corps before deciding art school was a safer pursuit. He enjoys art, comics, and genre novels. A designer by day, he earned a black belt in Krav Maga and Muay Thai kickboxing by night. His work has appeared in several anthologies and is probably best described as “dark pulp.” It can be found in Lamplight, Wicked Witches, The Final Summons, Protectors 2, the novel, Blood For The Sun, and the upcoming novel, Lightning Wears A Red Cape from ChiZine Publications. 





Dave Pasquantonio is a board member at The Writers’ Loft, a not-for-profit writing community in Sherborn, Mass., and a member of Grub Street and the Mystery Writers of America. A former instructional designer, technical writer, and corporate training manager, Dave is now a stay-at-home dad, a freelance writer, and a newspaper stringer. He misses office life, but listens to way more classic rock than he could in a cubicle. He writes fiction for adults and children, and he daydreams about noir films and baseball. He lives in Millis, Mass. with his wife and three kids. His website is at





Chris Philbrook is an Amazon best-selling author of Horror, Science Fiction, and urban fantasy novels. He has a young adult novel published under the pen name W.J. Orion as well. He resides in rural New Hampshire with his crazy dog, two amazing young daughters, and his amazing wife. One day, he hopes to sleep a full night, and wake up rested. Until then, he writes.







Suzanne Reynolds-Alpert writes science fiction, horror, dark fantasy, and the occasional poem. Her short fiction had been published in the anthologies Killing It Softly, The Deep Dark Woods, and Luna Station Quarterly. Her poetry has appeared in places such as the anthology Wicked Witches, Tales of the Zombie War, Strong Verse, The Wayfarer: A Journal of Contemplative Literature and Eternal Haunted Summer. Her first chapbook of poetry, Interview with the Faerie (Part One) and Other Poems of Darkness and Light was published in 2013. Suzanne is a freelance editor, holds down a job in marketing, and is currently writing a novel and several short stories in between meeting the incessant demands of her feline overlords. 




E.J. Stevens is the bestselling, award-winning author of the Ivy Granger Psychic Detective urban fantasy series, the Spirit Guide young adult series, the Hunters’ Guild urban fantasy series, and the upcoming Whitechapel Paranormal Society Victorian Gothic horror series. She is known for filling pages with quirky characters, bloodsucking vampires, psychotic faeries, and snarky, kick-butt heroines. Her novels are available worldwide in multiple languages.

Connect with E.J. on Twitter @EJStevensAuthor. For more, including a list of her books, freebies, and upcoming events




Morgan Sylvia is an Aquarius, a metalhead, a coffee addict, and a work in progress. A former obituarist, she is now a full-time freelance writer. Her work has appeared in several anthologies, including Wicked Witches, Wicked Haunted, Northern Frights, Twice Upon An Apocalypse, Endless Apocalypse, and Haunted Houses. Her first horror novel, Abode, was released in 2017. She recently released another novel, Dawn, which is the first book of a fantasy trilogy. She is also the author of Whispers From The Apocalypse, a horror poetry collection, and As The Seas Turn Red, an ocean poetry collection. She lives in Maine, and actually enjoys the snow. Usually.




Steve Van Samson is the author of the vampires in Africa series “Predator World” which include the novels “The Bone Eater King” & “Marrow Dust”. His writing tends to be on the pulpy side—intermingling genres like horror, dystopian with dark fantasy and adventure. An avid proponent of diversity in fiction, he believes character is king & that cliché should be avoided like the plague.When not tapping the keys on his Chromebook, he writes and records classic heavy metal, appears on as many podcasts as possible and watches entirely too many black and white monster films. Steve lives in Lancaster, Massachusetts with three amazing girls and one smallish dragon.