In stark contrast to his life as a performance engineer, Marty Kulma spends his evenings and weekends exploring the visual. A proponent of open source software, he supports and uses Krita to create his works. Although he works in a digital medium, his methods are extensions of traditional drawing and painting techniques. His art education is ever evolving, trekking across the internet, through museums, and out into nature. Marty’s work primarily focuses on the human portrait, expression, and the figure.






Trisha J. Wooldridge writes short stories, novellas, novels, articles, and poetry about bad-ass faeries, carnivorous horses, social justice witches, vengeful spirits—and mundane stuff like food, hay-eating horses, social justice debates, writer advice, and alcoholic spirits. Her recent work includes stories and poems in Gothic Fantasy Supernatural HorrorDark Luminous WingsWicked HauntedDarkling’s Beasts and BrewsJack of No Trades Volume 5, and the HWA Poetry Showcase Volume 5. She’s a freelance editor of over fifty novels and three anthologies. As child-friendly T.J. Wooldridge, she’s published poetry and three spooky children’s novels. She spends rare moments of mystical “free time” with a very patient Husband-of-Awesome, a calico horse, and a bratty tabby cat. Join her adventures at




C. H. Duryea is a writer and educator living in the greater Boston area and a founding member of New England Speculative Writers. He has published several short stories over the years, and recently released his debut novel, The Heisenberg Corollary. He is currently at work on Shadow of Bionon, a dieselpunk-infused second-world fantasy.








C. L. Alden is co-founder of the New England Speculative Writers group, and author of The Empire, an urban fantasy, with dashes of mystery and paranormal, set on the coast of Maine. She’s currently working on book two as well as a follow up novella. 

She’s a creative spirit who, when not writing, enjoys other creative outlets such as photography and cooking.  A general dabbler in this and that, and a seeker of adventure and tall tales. 

You can follow her latest capers at





Jeremy Flagg is the author of the CHILDREN OF NOSTRADAMUS dystopian science fiction series and SUBURBAN ZOMBIE HIGH young adult humor/horror series. Taking his love of pop culture and comic books, he focuses on fast paced, action packed novels with complex characters and contemporary themes. Jeremy is the Co-Founder of New England Speculative Writers and member of the Metrowest Writers writing group. 

For more information about Jeremy, visit